Troubleshooting ∶ Vacuum Pump Temperature too High


The fan speed is low, the air pressure is small, and the air volume is small.

The motor has a large power, a large working current, and a large amount of heat.

The number of fan blades is small, and the amount of air generated is small.

The voltage of the busbar where the vacuum pump motor is located is 380V. Due to the cable voltage drop and uneven load distribution, the actual voltage applied to the motor is only 365V. The low voltage causes a large operating current.

Dust and oil are attached to the motor, which reduces the heat dissipation capacity.



The motor power and speed are matched with the vacuum pump and cannot be changed. The fan is installed on the main shaft of the motor. The speed of the motor determines the speed of the fan and cannot be replaced. Although increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, after the increase in the number of blades, it is not easy to find the dynamic balance. If the alignment is not good, it will cause the vibration of the motor to increase.

Lengthen the original fan cover by 40cm, and install an axial fan with the same diameter as the fan cover. The motor power of the axial fan is 850W, the speed is 1489r/min, and the voltage is 380V. The original fan continues to be retained. The axial flow fan has another power supply control, and the axial flow fan and the main motor are not interlocked. After the vacuum pump is started, start the axial flow fan in time, and stop the axial flow fan for 30 minutes after the vacuum pump is stopped to fully cool the main motor

Regularly remove the dust on the motor, keep the motor heat sink clean, and increase its heat dissipation capacity.


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