Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Common Failure and Troubleshooting

Oil Spill

The seals of the shaft hole, end cover, oil mark, oil tank, etc. are damaged or not compressed.

---Replace the seal and tighten the screws.

There is a leak in the fuel tank.

---Plug the leak.


Fuel Injection

The system is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere.

---Close the low vacuum valve and continue to open the valve.

Too much oil.

---Adjust the oil volume.

Rotor rotation direction is reversed.

---Reconnect the power supply and change direction.


No Air Suction

The pump wheel key is broken and the rotor does not rotate.

---Change a new key.

The cross joint of the two-stage rotor is broken, and the high vacuum stage does not rotate.

---Replace rotor.

The air inlet valve is not opened.

---Open the valve.

The exhaust valve piece is broken.

---Replace a new valve piece.


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