Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting: Low Vacuum

Oil is insufficient.

---Add oil.


The pump oil is not clean and emulsified.

---Open the gas ballast valve and change the oil.


The pump oil grade is wrong.

---Oil change


The oil inlet is blocked.

---Clean the oil inlet and adjust the oil volume.



---Check the shaft seal, exhaust valve, end cover, etc., and replace the sealing ring.


The exhaust valve plate is damaged.

---Replace with a new valve.


The gap is too large due to wear.

---Check the gap and repair it.


The temperature of the pump rises and the viscosity of the oil is too low.

---Increase the cooling water amount.


The temperature of the pump oil is too high.

---Add air cooling device.


The tightness of the end cover screws is different, causing the rotor shaft core to deviate.

---Disassemble and reassemble.


The vane spring is broken.

---Replace with a new spring.

The filter of the intake pipe is blocked.

---Clean the filter.


The gas ballast valve is not closed or damaged.

---Close or repair valve.


The pump wheel key is broken and the wheel spins idly.

---Change the key.


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