Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting: Pump Stuck


  1. The pump is working without oil or the vane is broken.

  2. Running under the wrong rotation direction for a long time.

  3. The sliding bearing is seized or the shaft copper sleeve is cracked when working with little or no oil for a long time.



  1. Overhaul the pump or replace the 

  2. Align direction check and exchange vanes

  3. Add oil and replace failed parts.


Maintenance Steps

After the vacuum pump has been used for a while (usually 3000 hours), it must be overhauled.


Maintenance Purposes

  1. Check whether the spare parts are damaged, and repair and exchange them when necessary.

  2. Perform a thorough cleaning of the pump.

  3. Replace shaft seals, valve discs, wearing parts and replace with new oil.


Maintenance Steps

  1. Remove the pipeline, protective cover, V-belt, water pipe, and move the pump out of the workplace.

  2. Release the vacuum pump oil and release the cooling water.

  3. Remove the exhaust cap, fuel tank cap., oil baffle cover, exhaust valve plate, exhaust valve seat and suction tube, filter screen.

  4. Remove the belt pulley, remove the shaft seal gland, and take out the shaft seal spacer ring.

  5. First remove the rear stator cover, take out the small rotor and other parts, then remove the front stator cover, take out the large rotor and other parts, check all parts, thoroughly clean with gasoline, blow dry with hot air or dry it.

When assembling the pump, prevent dust, sand, gravel and iron filings from falling into the pump. In addition, when tightening the screws and nuts, the entire assembly surface should be tightened gradually to avoid air leakage due to uneven assembly. After the pump is assembled, inject a small amount of vacuum pump oil. Turn the pulley by hand.

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