What is the Characteristic Curve of the Pump?

The curve that shows the relationship between the main performance parameters is usually called the performance curve or characteristic curve of the centrifugal pump. In essence, the performance curve of the centrifugal pump is the external manifestation of the liquid movement in the pump.

The characteristic curve includes:

Flow rate-head curve (QH)

Flow rate-efficiency curve (Q-η)

Flow rate-power curve (QN)

Flow rate-NPSH curve (Q- (NPSH) r)

The function of the performance curve is for any flow rate of the pump, a set of relative head, power, efficiency and NPSH values can be found on the curve. This set of parameters is called working state, referred to as working condition or working point.

Centrifugal pump operating condition at the highest efficiency point is called the optimal operating point. Generally, the rated parameters of centrifugal pumps are the design operating point and the optimal operating point coincide or very close to each other. It is very important to understand the performance parameters of the pump to run in the practical efficiency range, which saves energy and can ensure the normal operation of the pump. 

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