How Deep Water Is the Blower Suitable for?

What is High Pressure Blower?

The high-pressure blower is also called the vortex blower and the vortex air pump. It is a vane type rotary machine. The gas enters the flow channel through the suction inlet, and then is transported to the outlet of the blower.

The high-pressure blower is a blower with a simple structure. A normal high-pressure blower is mainly composed of pump casing, pump body, impeller, bearing, shaft bearing seat, thrust washer, suction and exhaust seat, rubber gasket, suction and exhaust pipe, noise isolation net, filter net, gasket and connecting flange etc.


How Deep Water Is the Blower Suitable for?

Let's first understand how much pressure is needed to expose the air to a depth of 1 meter. In this regard, there is a formula for reference: P = liquid density (water density 1000kg/m3) * gravity acceleration g (9.8) * depth (1m) =9800 Pa, which is equivalent to a pressure of 100mbar, which means that 1 meter of water requires 100mbar outlet pressure, 2 meters requires 200mbar outlet pressure, and so on.

In terms of pressure, it is comparable to roots blowers. The maximum pressure can reach 1000mbar, that is, a kilogram of pressure, 0.1MPa, and a water depth of 10 meters. However, for aquaculture clients, the water level is generally within 3 meters, and a high-pressure blower is sufficient, the pressure is sufficient.

Single-impeller blowers are suitable for use in water depths of less than 2 meters. For those above 2 meters, the use of a double-impeller high-pressure blower can perfectly match the aeration system.  

Nano aerators are now used for aeration. Generally, for a breeding area of one acre, 2 to 3 aeration plates are enough. This kind of aeration pan has a support, which will not cause sludge to block the aeration holes, and each aeration pan needs a flow of about 8 cubic meters of air.


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