High Pressure Blower Maintenance Prevention

The blower is the basic equipment used to remove the air in the special sealed container and make the container obtain a certain vacuum. Due to the rapid development of modern science and technology, blowers are widely used in scientific fields and various enterprises and institutions. They can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, electrical appliances, electric vacuum, semiconductors, food, atomic energy, and textiles.


Precautions for Maintenance of High-Pressure Blowers

No matter which brand of blower, it needs two aspects of protection, one is pressure and the other is dust.

  • For pressure, a pressure reducing valve is often used, that is, a pressure relief valve. When the pressure of the blower exceeds the pressure set by the pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve will automatically open to release the excess pressure and protect the blower. For dust, filters are usually used. Different industries often use different filters, and different filters have different maintenance methods and service life.

In some special occasions, special protection is also needed. For example, when used in sealed environment, attention should be paid to ventilation and heat dissipation. When the ambient temperature (intake temperature) is too high, attention should be paid to ventilation and heat dissipation, or choose a higher intake temperature blower (for example, there are high-pressure blower with high temperature resistance, allowing the intake temperature to reach 70 degrees). 

  •  For dust, there are two situations here, one is foreign matter entering the motor, and the other is foreign matter entering the blower, which will cause different results. In addition, we also need to have a concept of foreign matter. Various small metal parts like screws must be regarded as foreign matter, but some large particles can also be counted. These large particles can be sucked into the wind drum, causing serious consequences.

There are foreign objects in the blower motor, which will cause the motor burning out. Although the motor is insulated, the foreign objects will be attracted to the motor, after friction, they can wipe off the painting, resulting short circuit and burning out. So where did these foreign objects get in? The biggest possibility is that it leaks in from the hole under the terminal block on the motor.

If there are foreign objects in the blower roller, it will cause the blades to grind into the wheel and the cover (the foreign matter is sucked in or deformed, resulting in poor processing), and damage the bearing. In addition, there also will be noise. In severe cases, due to the high-speed friction between the foreign matter and the roller, the roller will wear out, which means that the blower must be overhauled.

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