Roots Vacuum Pump Cooling Solution

There are many heat dissipation schemes for roots vacuum pumps, and it is necessary to determine the appropriate heat dissipation scheme according to the heat amount in different pump parts.

When roots vacuum pump working pressure is high, the temperature rises rapidly and the temperature is high. The ordinary roots vacuum pump needs circulating water to cool down, so as to protect the pump from damage.  

The roots vacuum pump will generate a certain amount of heat when it is working. If the heat is not dissipated in time, it will affect or even damage the internal parts of roots vacuum pump for a long time. This will affect the normal operation of the pump and even damage the pump.  

Since the working vacuum of the roots vacuum pump is not very high, the heat dissipation scheme can usually replace the vacuum pump oil with 46# mechanical oil. Generally, before operation, it must be noted that the oil level in the oil windows at both ends of the pump shall not be lower than 2/3 of the oil window height, and shall not be lower than 1/2 of the height during operation.  

Ordinary roots vacuum pump cannot be used alone, and must be used as a system with the backing pump. Roots vacuum pump system is a complete set of vacuum obtaining equipment with roots vacuum pump as the main pump and other mechanical vacuum pumps, such as liquid ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, piston rotary vacuum pump, etc. as the backing pump.

According to different process requirements and different backing pump configurations, the roots vacuum pump system can be composed of one or more roots vacuum pumps and backing pumps to form a multi-stage roots vacuum pump system.  

The selection of vacuum degree and pumping capacity of roots vacuum pump system is the key to the success or failure of model selection. Generally, the highest vacuum degree in production is about -500mmHg. The booster tank of the roots vacuum pump system is a sealed container, its main function is to stabilize the vacuum system pressure, buffer the influence of the system pressure on it, and also play the role of filtering dust.  

The safety and stability of the roots vacuum pump is high because the system has the function of running protection

  1. Roots vacuum pump has more than 30 protection functions, including compressor overload, overheating, locked rotor protection, system high pressure, low pressure and differential pressure protection, evaporator outlet low water temperature protection, evaporator antifreeze protection, condenser water inlet low temperature protection, abnormal water flow protection, etc.

  2. Carry out overvoltage, under voltage, three-phase unbalance, under-reverse phase protection for the power supply to the system

  3. Password protection function to prevent the malfunction caused by unauthorized persons

  4. Power-on self-test function to avoid abnormal startup of the system

  5. With condenser cleaning reminder function, etc.  


These operation protection functions make the use of the roots vacuum pump more convenient and safe. If you want to use the roots vacuum pump better, you should do regular inspection and maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the roots vacuum pump.



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