Roots Vacuum Pump for Automotive Glass Coating

Everyone comes into contact with various glass products every day, such as glass cups, glass doors, glass windows, etc. Although we are in constant contact with them, we do not know much about the types and properties of these glasses. This article is about roots vacuum pump for automotive glass coating.

Glass coating is a chemical polymer material. Because of its high-density chemical properties, it is used in the automotive field. At the same time, glass coating has the characteristics of high gloss, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and ultraviolet resistance. After the paint surface is coated, the gloss of the paint surface is very good, and the paint surface is isolated from the outside world, which plays a good protective role.  

There are many production methods of coated glass, mainly including vacuum magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, chemical vapor deposition and sol-gel method.   


Roots Vacuum Pump for Automotive Glass Coating Advantages 


  1. Improve driving safety

The treated windshield and rear view mirror can quickly separate the rainwater from the glass surface during driving, so as to maintain a clear vision without leaving a blind spot, and it will not cause glare caused by the light on the opposite side when driving at night, which can greatly improve the driving safety in bad weather.  

  1. Easy to clean

After dust or dirt is directly washed with clean water (or rainwater), the glass can remain crystal clear and translucent without additional work. It can be easily removed without using any detergent, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.  

  1. Anti-acid rain and corrosive substances, anti-ultraviolet radiation, prevent sand and dust from scratching the window glass, not easy to adhere to dust, oil or flying insect slurry, etc., and have a strong hydrophobic self-cleaning function. Dust-proof and anti-adhesion in sunny days, waterproof in rainy days to improve driving safety, and snow-proof and frost-proof in winter.  

  2. Reduce the number of times the wiper is used and prolong its service life, so that the glass surface will not be worn and scratched.  

  3. It is difficult for vehicles parked in the open air in winter to form a large area of thin ice on the glass surface, which can be easily removed.  


After roots vacuum pump is used in automobile glass coating, it is equivalent to having a thick protective film. Snow or fog water falling on the glass in winter cannot be frozen on the glass, and it is difficult for vehicles parked in the open air to freeze on the glass. Large areas of thin ice form on the surface and can be easily removed, saving troublesome removal processes and waiting time.



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