Roots Vacuum Pump for Car Battery Handling

The disassembly and assembly of the new energy battery in the automobile production line adopts a power-assisted manipulator. Although it is efficient and fast, it is not suitable for the daily operation of the maintenance workers in the 4S shop, and the weight of the new energy battery is about 300Kg. Safety accidents, and the slightest carelessness will damage the car body.  

The car battery should be firmly fixed on the car, and it should be handled with care during installation and handling. Because car battery is a metal that is particularly prone to chemical reactions, it is easy to extend and burn. If car battery packaging and transportation are improperly handled, it is easy to burn and explode, and accidents also occur from time to time. Accidents caused by non-standard behavior in its packaging and transportation are getting more and more attention.  

Roots vacuum pump for automobile battery handling is characterized by large pumping capacity, pumping speed from 190L/S to 49000L/S, and can work stably and continuously for a long time.

Roots vacuum pumps are widely used in high-tech fields such as electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, materials, biomedical, atomic energy, and space exploration. Such as various vacuum furnaces, vacuum coating equipment, vacuum freeze-drying equipment, etc.


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