Roots Vacuum Pump for Chemical Industry

There are many types of chemical production. In addition to chemical reactions, the steps can be summarized into some basic processing processes, such as fluid transportation and compression, sedimentation, filtration, heat transfer, evaporation, crystallization, drying, distillation, absorption, extraction, freezing, crushing, etc. 

Different product production processes have their own unique conditions and requirements. For example, drying, distillation, freezing and other processes can be applied to roots vacuum pump. This article is about roots vacuum pump for chemical industry.


The chemical production process can generally be summarized into three main steps:


  • Material processing

In order to make the raw materials meet the state and specifications required for the chemical reaction, different raw materials need to undergo various pre-treatments such as purification, concentration, mixing, emulsification or pulverization (for solid raw materials), depending on the specific situation.


  • Chemical reaction

This is a critical step in production. The pre-treated raw materials are reacted under certain temperature, pressure and other conditions to achieve the required reaction conversion rate and yield. The types of reactions are diverse and can be oxidation, reduction, metathesis, sulfonating, isomerization, polymerization, calcination, etc. Through chemical reaction, the target product or its mixture is obtained.


  • Product refinement

The mixture resulting from the chemical reaction is separated to remove by-products or impurities to obtain a product that meets compositional specifications. Each of the above steps requires the completion of the required chemical and physical transformations in specific equipment and under certain operating conditions.  


Roots Vacuum Pump Features and Application 

  1. Low noise (high-precision dynamic balance)

  2. It has overload protection (safety overflow valve)

  3. Larger pumping speed in a wider pressure range

  4. High boiling point working medium can be removed (setting of gas protection device)

  5. It is convenient to detect (there is a detection joint at the intake and exhaust ports)

  6. Insensitive to dust and water vapor contained in the pumped gas

  7. Low driving power

  8. Roots vacuum pump is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, electronics, electric light source industries


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