Roots Vacuum Pump for Equipment Treatment

In terms of facility treatment, two uses of the product are drying and oxygen extraction. The use of roots vacuum pump in the central vacuum system is mainly to remove dust to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace.  


Roots Vacuum Pump for Equipment Treatment  

1: Anti-corrosion protection of water pipes  

For tall buildings, the water pipes in the building must be protected against corrosion. Corrosion protection can be achieved by using a protective barrier, taking advantage of the fact that deoxygenated water corrodes metals much less than untreated water.  

The water flows through the oxygen permeable layer in the vacuum unit, diffusing the passing oxygen and expelling it out of the water. At the same time, roots vacuum pump expels the oxygen/air mixture produced during the diffusion process.  


2: Central vacuum cleaning system

Conventional vacuum cleaners are in better shape when vacuuming than when emptying, and don't do any substantial filtration. The central vacuum cleaning system consists of a vacuum unit and filter installed in the basement of the building, and each room has a deliberately partitioned opening for the installation of a vacuum hose next to the electrical outlet, which can efficiently and quietly discharge dust through the pipeline and substances that can cause allergies.


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