Roots Vacuum Pump for Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

The raw materials used in GRC are basically alkali-resistant glass fiber and low-alkalinity cement, which occupies a unique position in construction. The products are mainly used as ceiling panels, and some are used as partition panels or panels for internal thermal insulation of external walls. 

The application of roots vacuum pump in GRC is mainly the vacuum dehydration process.  


Vacuum Dehydration Characteristics  

The Roots vacuum pump dehydration device can better ensure the effective extrusion effect of the suction pad on the board surface, which is beneficial to the dehydration of concrete. In addition, it also has the following characteristics:  

  • The flatness of the dewatering board surface is good, because nonfilter cloth dewatering device acts on the board surface, which can transmit evenly distributed vacuum pressure, so the board surface has no cloth lines, no dents, flat, comfortable and dense.

  • The dehydration speed is fast, and the dehydration amount can be more than doubled in the same time.

  • The product is evenly dehydrated. Due to the uniform transmission of vacuum and low dehydration resistance, the surface and edge of the GRC are evenly dehydrated and have good compactness.

  • The flexible suction pad on the working surface cancels the sealing edge that fixes the size of the four sides, and can adapt to the change of the size of the board surface to achieve the purpose of one pad for multiple purposes.

  • Good use performance solves the problem that the filter layer of various domestic dehydration devices is blocked by cement mortar and hardened filter cloth during use.

  • It is easy to use and operate. Since the laying and washing procedures of the filter cloth are cancelled, it only needs to be laid once and rolled up once for each operation, which saves labor and time, and improves the working conditions.  


Roots Vacuum Pump Application

Vacuum Coating

Vacuum Welding Furnace

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Large Scale Space Simulation Test

Tube and Bulb Manufacturing

Laser Manufacturing

Vacuum Packaging

Automotive Manufacturing

Centralized Vacuum Extraction System

Various Chemical Treatments

Vacuum Degassing

Vacuum Dehydration

Vacuum Freeze Drying

Vacuum Distillation



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