Roots Vacuum Pump for Offshore Oil and Gas Field

The use of roots vacuum pump on the offshore platform has economic advantages, which is of great significance to the development of offshore marginal oil and gas fields.

This article analyzes and discusses the application of roots vacuum pump in offshore oil and gas fields.

Why can it be used in offshore oil and gas fields?

What kind of role does it play in offshore oil and gas fields?  


Offshore production facilities are structures built at sea. Since offshore facilities are used for subsea oil development and oil recovery, coupled with differences in ocean water depth and sea conditions, different oil reservoir areas, and different mining years, there are many types of offshore production facilities.

Basically, it can be divided into three categories: offshore fixed production facilities, floating production facilities and subsea production systems.  


The development of offshore oil and gas fields is a complex system engineering, and the exploitation of oil and gas often relies on external pressure boosting equipment. Our roots vacuum pump is a device that can directly pressurize the wellhead flow. It does not need to separate the gas-liquid two-phase fluid, and the pressurized multi-phase fluid can be directly transported by a sea pipe.

Roots vacuum pump can reduce the wellhead back pressure and increase oil and gas production, while reducing the number of equipment on the platform, the occupied area and the weight of the platform, which can save 30% to 40% of the initial investment.


Roots Vacuum Pump Advantages

It still has a large pumping rate at a lower inlet pressure, but the roots vacuum pump cannot be used alone, and must be used in conjunction with the backing vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump can be started only when the backing vacuum pump reaches the system pressure to the allowable starting pressure of the roots vacuum pump.

According to different working pressures and process conditions, the ultimate pressure that the roots vacuum pump can reach is different. Roots vacuum pumps can be widely used in any vacuum system that requires high pumping speed and medium vacuum (10-1-10-2Pa).  

Roots vacuum pump is an oil-free vacuum pump that needs to be used in conjunction with a backing pump. It is suitable for all rough and high vacuum applications that require a large suction capacity. These enhanced vacuum pumps greatly increase the output of the backing pump. Roots vacuum pumps are widely used in vacuum packaging and many other industrial fields, with proven and reliable operation.


Roots Vacuum Pump for Offshore Oil and Gas Advantages

The wellhead fluid in offshore oilfields is usually a mixture of oil, gas and water. The logistics of each scattered wellhead platform usually needs to be transported to the central platform for oil, gas and water treatment.

Based on the traditional pressurization scheme, the mixed fluid is firstly separated from gas and liquid in the separator, the separated associated gas is pressurized and exported through the natural gas scrubbing tank and the compressor system, and the separated liquid is pressurized by the crude oil export pump.  

Now, roots vacuum pump does not need to separate the wellhead flow, and can directly pressurize the wellhead mixed fluid and then export it. Compared with the traditional production system, the mixed transportation system simplifies the platform process and reduces the number, area and weight of equipment on the platform.

In addition, for low-pressure oil wells in the late stage of oilfield production, the mixed-transport production system can also be used to reduce wellhead pressure and increase oil and gas production, thereby effectively improving the economic benefits of oilfield development.



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