Roots Vacuum Pump for Pasture

Roots vacuum pump is an important part of the milking machine, so the selection of a suitable roots vacuum pump and its working stability are directly related to milk production, milk quality, incidence of mastitis in dairy cows, milking efficiency, etc.  

With the increase in the global urban population, farms have to face not only the increased demand for milk and dairy products, but also the attendant higher demands on milk quality, animal health and production standards. 

The milking machine is composed of two parts: a milking machine and a vacuum device. Using the suction effect of the vacuum device to simulate the milking action of the calf (sheep), the cow (sheep) milk is sucked out.

Roots vacuum pump can operate stably for 24 hours, with strong pumping capacity, high efficiency, and no pollution. It is used in large milking equipment, with low maintenance, high reliability, no oil lubrication and sealing, and relatively reasonable price. If the vacuum pump is not selected properly, once it fails, the whole set of milking equipment will be shut down, which will affect the milking of the pasture and cause serious economic losses.


Roots Vacuum Pump Precautions

  1. Close the gas ballast valve of the backing oil-sealed mechanical pump (such as the gas-ballast valve of the backing oil-sealed mechanical pump).

  2. Close the intake valve of the roots vacuum pump.

  3. Stop the roots vacuum pump first, and then stop the backing vacuum pump. It is strictly forbidden to make mistakes in the shutdown procedure.

  4. While stopping the backing vacuum pump, immediately increase the intake port of the backing

  5. Close the cooling water inlet valve.

  6. If you need to stop using the vacuum pump for a long time, or to prevent freezing cracks in winter, please turn on the water and cut off the remaining water.  


How to Properly Maintain Roots Vacuum Pump?

  1. Maintenance work required for every 500 hours of operation

It is necessary to check the tension of the belt, which cannot exceed 6 mm, correct the roots vacuum pump belt and the motor on a horizontal line.

Check whether the oil level of the vacuum pump gear box is in the middle scale of the sight glass.

Apply high temperature grease to the bearing end of the roots vacuum pump.


  1. Maintenance work required for every 1000 hours of operation

Perform 500 hours of maintenance work.

To clean the roots vacuum pump head, it is best to use the heat generated by the operation of the vacuum pump to remove the water vapor before milking. The cleaning needs 4 L of water, and the alkaline or acidic cleaning agent needs 32 mL. Rinse with water immediately after rinsing. The general situation is to use 1 acid cleaning after 2 consecutive alkaline cleanings. Test the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump (when the vacuum degree is 50 kPa) and the back pressure of the vacuum pump (not exceeding 5 kPa).  


  1. Maintenance work required for every 4000 hours of operation Perform 500 hour and 1000 hour maintenance work.  

Replace the lubricating oil in the gear box of the pump head, and re-add the lubricating oil to the center of the sight glass. Check the condition of the belt, replace it if necessary, and tighten the belt, compress and stretch the belt no more than 6mm.



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