Roots Vacuum Pump for Refrigerator Repairing

One of the applications of the roots vacuum pump in the maintenance of refrigerators is to evacuate the refrigerator, which is the most effective method.

The use of vacuum pump when repairing a refrigerator has two functions: one is to inflate and pressurize, the purpose is to detect leaks in the refrigeration system. The other is to vacuum, to prepare for the injection of refrigerant. 


How to use roots vacuum pump to vacuum the refrigerator?  

First, start the refrigerator's own compressor to run until the compressor has a certain temperature, and feel the heat by hand. Then stop (or not stop).

Connect the vacuum pump or maintenance compressor on the process pipe through the liquid addition pipe, start it, and start vacuuming.

About half an hour, use the flame of a lighter to aim at the exhaust port of the maintenance compressor. If the flame is stable, it can be considered that the vacuum degree in the system basically meets the requirements.

Then stop vacuuming and close the three-way valve. Unscrew the joint between the liquid filling pipe and the maintenance compressor, connect the fluorine bottle, and charge a small amount of refrigerant into the system.

Close the three-way valve. Start the refrigerator's own compressor to run for a few minutes.

Then connect the liquid filling pipe to the suction end of the maintenance compressor, open the three-way valve, and evacuate.

Running for about half an hour can completely remove the air and moisture in the system. Then charge the refrigerant as usual.  


Working Principle

The evaporation rate of water is related to pressure and temperature, and its evaporation rate is accelerated at lower pressure and higher temperature. Due to the high air humidity in summer, when the refrigerator is pressurized with air, moisture will inevitably be brought into the system. When vacuuming, start it’s own compressor and use the heat generated by the compressor to heat the moisture in the system to speed up volatilization. At this time, it is easier to extract the water by vacuuming.

General maintenance compressors are refrigerator compressors, which have limited power and it is difficult to obtain an ideal vacuum. If the system is filled with a small amount of refrigerant when the vacuum is close to the ideal degree, or with the help of the roots vacuum pump, the refrigerant in the system can be much larger than the ratio of water and air, and then the vacuum will be very high. It is easy to extract air and moisture, so that the vacuum degree in the system meets the requirements.



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