Roots Vacuum Pump for Preservation of Vacuum Fried Drugs

Vacuum fried products are hygroscopic. The crispy taste is the characteristic of vacuum fried drugs. To maintain the crispness, the moisture content should be controlled within 5%. Therefore, the problem of moisture absorption (moisture-proof) during storage should be carefully considered.

The strong hygroscopic of vacuum fried medicines is mainly due to the puffing application of vacuum frying, and the porous structure of its product structure, so it has strong hygroscopic.

On the contrary, vacuum fried medicines have opposite hygroscopic power. The hygroscopic of vacuum-fried medicines produced by agricultural products is stronger than that of vacuum-fried medicines produced by eating and drinking.


In short, in order to maintain its crispness and ensure a long shelf life, vacuum fried drugs should continue to be packaged in moisture-proof packaging.

The packaging can choose the nitrogen filling purity according to the opposite type of packaging, and indirectly vacuum and fill nitrogen to create a small oxygen-deficient condition for the packaged object, so that it can maintain its activity and restrain its deep breathing and the growth of black mold, and can maintain the storage. The dryness of the object prevents mildew from being frozen.  

Roots vacuum pumps place great demands on the environment.  

In addition to good mechanical properties and processing properties, roots vacuum pumps must also meet other performance requirements, namely easy degassing, low saturated vapor pressure, certain chemical stability, certain purity and cleanliness, and suitable radiation capacity.

Therefore, the roots vacuum pump is special, and the requirements for cleaning treatment are extremely strict, and the pollution of parts should be removed or reduced to the maximum extent.

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