Roots Vacuum Pump Low Speed Reasons

  1. Human factors

Quite a lot of users damaged the original motors of roots vacuum pumps, resulting in arbitrarily working with other motors, resulting in low flow, reduced lift or inability to pump water.

  1. Mechanical failure

The impeller and the pump shaft fixing nut are loose, the pump shaft is deformed, the impeller moves a lot, and the pump body is directly rubbed, the bearing is damaged, and the speed of the Roots vacuum pump is reduced.

  1. Belt wear

There are a lot of vacuum pump belts, after long-term using, the belt wear will cause looseness and slippage, thereby reducing the speed of the vacuum pump.

  1. Did not record the repair of the power machine

The motor is burnt out by the coil, the number of coils, wiring, and wiring methods are changed during the repair process, or the failure factor cannot be completely eliminated during the repair process, these can also change speed of the roots vacuum pump.

  1. Incorrect installation

The center of the pulley is too small or the two shafts are not parallel, the drive belt is firmly installed on the side, resulting in the air angle is too small, the pulley diameter is calculated incorrectly, and the eccentric distance of the two-axis vacuum pump shaft is too large. These can also change the speed of the roots vacuum pump.


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