Roots Vacuum Pump Maintenance Time

Roots vacuum pumps need regular cleaning and maintenance work, which can effectively extend its service life and reduce the incidence of failures. However, few user can correctly control this period. Today I will share with you about the correct maintenance interval time of roots vacuum pumps.

  1. Regular inspection of roots vacuum pumps.

The contents of daily inspection include:

  • Check the oil level

Too much oil will increase the temperature, and too little oil will cause poor lubrication.

  • Temperature check

Check the temperature of each part of the pump with a thermometer

  • Motor load inspection

Measure the motor load with a power meter or current and voltmeter.

  1. Monthly inspection of Roots vacuum pump

Whether the coupling and gasket are damaged or loose

  1. Check every 3 months

Whether the lubricating oil in the gear box has deteriorated

  1. Check every 6 months

Whether the lubricating oil in the bearing box of the front cover is deteriorated, whether the piston ring and piston ring bushing is worn, whether the slight degree of gear wear affects the normal operation of the rotor, whether it needs to be adjusted, etc.

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